You don’t have to be a geek kid to make a career in IT

I was reading (very useful and inspiring btw) interview with Audrey MacLean, expirienced technologist and entrepreneur. Audrey says that to encourage girl to come to technical field we need more games made specially for girls, which yeah, can be useful, but in the comments I saw one opinion which I can prove on my experience as well.

This is not computer itself and games that leads boys to engineering and IT career and not what will lead girls into it.

Here is the comment from Vik.

Getting girls interested in computing doesn’t start with computers, as Audrey MacLean suggests. It starts with parents who direct you in the right path of academics, life choices, and do their best to get you into the best academic environments. My parents in India did that for me at all levels of my early years, and prepared me for admission to MIT. When I got there, I had never seen anything more powerful than a Casio calculator. I graduated in computer science and engineering, one of 100 graduates, went on start software companies, and now have a great career at a top Silicon Valley company. My parents insisted on a strong foundation of math and science and showed me which careers could make my life. Try that with your children first, you don’t need to buy them an iPad. 

I’m totally agree with her, ‘cause this is how it happened with me as well. Although, I need to mention that influence of school teachers especially in math and physics can’t be underestimated. 

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