Tim Ferriss’s book “The four hour work week”.

I can advice it to anyone who is now unsatisfied with the job, wondering how to become more effective and such, always feel busy and exhausted.
Not everything there was useful for me, but I have been following some of his advices for a week now and already feel changes.
I don’t check e-mail 30 times a day now, I use blocking programs in my browser for facebook and twitter, I do the most important task before lunch or even earlier in the morning, I don’t think about work at home and always find a few minutes to read a book and have a cup of coffee. And it only helps to finish my daily “To Do List” 🙂
The book provides also a lot of biographical stories, humor and very easy-going.
Definitely, “must read” about personal development.

More about the book and it’s author: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/