PyLadies now in Stockholm!

This Saturday when all the sport enthusiasts were running the Stockholm marathon, I was rushing to Spotify HQ at Birger Jarlsgatan, excited to meet all the ladies curious about programming and Python at the first PyLadies meetup.

PyLadies’ strive to promote Python programming language and programming in general through different social activities, workshops and study groups.The goal is to increase the diversity of the coding community and attract more women into computing. This is done by creating a friendly and welcoming group where we can learn from each other.

Lynn Root came to Stockholm to help us to start off.  She told a bit about her own experience of starting the community of Python Ladies in the USA and

went on with the tutorial for the beginners! Have a look at her slides for the event over here:

And if you missed the tutorial, don’t worry, try to go through it yourself: and reach PyLadies through an IRC channel if you have any questions.

Lynn Root presenting PyLadies
Lynn Root presenting PyLadies

I volunteered to help with the future events, so I hope we’ll keep this ball rolling and a great autumn of coding awaits.

Boys, don’t forget to check back  for “PyLadies+friends” events when you can join our gang as well!

P.S. I was positively surprised with a very good organisation on the  Spotify‘s side. Food was delicious (Italian buffe) with lots of vegetarian and vegan options, traditional Swedish fika pastries were even more impressive.
PyLadies got the whole floor with the kitchen and an endless supply of coffee. All the new coder might possibly need, right? 🙂

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