First PyCon Sweden

So, now, after finally getting enough hours of sleep and reflecting a little bit on what’s just happened… Pycon Sweden was pretty amazing, but certainly could have been a lot better.

It was not only my first PyCon, it was also the first conference I helped organise.  So I cut myself some slack.

Python is an extremely popular language in Sweden, perhaps the exploded in recent years start-up tech scene is to blame. Only Python User Group in Stockholm alone has almost 1000 members. Every meet-up gets booked only 5 minutes after it gets announced.

So all stars were pointing towards organizing our very own Swedish National Python Convention. Sounds pretty cool, eller hur? A few crazy people who loved Python and conferences thought so too. They registered a non-profit “Python Sverige” and  started begging for money  asking companies to sponsor the first PyCon Sweden. A few months later they also asked me & PyLadies Stockholm to help out with volunteers and diversity initiatives.

Here we all are

Fast forward 6 months later 250 people gather in the Q-building at KTH. Volunteers from Pyladies and KTH are running around in white t-shirts that say “PyCon Sweden” and the first keynote by Helena Bengtsson starts in the big lecture hall. 

Soon we will realise that the schedule is all wrong, some speakers will start panicking and the catering company will forget to deliver our lunch. But despite all the chaos, I got to meet awesome people, listen to some great speakers and get inspired to create. Which is why we were all doing it in the first place, right?

I haven’t seen all the talks, due to running around in one of the white volunteer t-shirts, but some of those I did see were truly worth mentioning.

Jack Parmer with “New scientific plotting in Python” convinced me once and for all to really start using Plotly and it’s new API.

Per Fagrell with “How to write actually Object-oriented Code in Python” somehow made following the SOLID principles in Python easy. I also remember lots of ducks in your slides ;-D 

and Laurens Van Houten made Cryptography sound fascinating and simple.

I would like to thank everyone for attending, volunteering, speaking and providing valuable feedback on how to improve the conference.

Now after reading all the feedback attendees sent to the board,  I would like to mention that we got the following areas need the most improvement:

1. Coffee. And water. We need those. All the time.

2. Breaks. They need to be shorter.

3. Schedule. God damn it, it should not change once it’s announced. It should also be clearer.

4. Speakers. Some did not deliver. We should pick better next time.


It has been lots of work. Organising a big event is challenging and messy, but I’m on the board  of Python Sweden again with the hope and determination to do better next year.

If you would like to help us, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

So long and see you next year!

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