Illustrator crush: Lisa Congdon

This summer I decided to give into the desire to practice art more often and to learn more about design. One step towards it was to sign up for Creative Bug online courses.


I have been following Lisa Congdon before, I love her patterns and illustrations and of course feel like I can relate to her passion for swimming. Lisa has recently published an illustrated book about swimming. Look how stunning it is!


Lisa is a successfull commercial illustrator and shares not only creative secrets of her trade, but even more practical tips on how to build a career as an illustrator in books such as Art Inc: The Essential Guide to Building Your Career as an Artist and Whatever You Are, Be a Good One and different courses online.

I love the simplicity and colors of her work and it was extremely easy and fun to follow her line drawing course on creative bug. No fear, no judgement, just draw! One line at a time!

Here are some pages I’ve done following the course:

One of the first lessons of the line drawing class: Poppies from a photo reference
Creating patterns and drawing succulents
Combining simple patterns with lettering

And these are inspired by the techniques learned in the course, just added colors with watercolor paints!

IMG_20160608_190722 IMG_20160705_162705

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