Hi, I’m Oxana.


Data Scientist, Computational Biologist and Entrepreneur.

First an foremost, I’m an Engineer though.  That’s my initial training and my way of life. That means I’m solving problems and coming up with creative solutions. I particularly enjoy doing it for science and data visualization, but sometimes also do it as a digital project manager and teacher.

In the last few years I’ve been diving into Bioinformatics, amazed by the complexity of genetics and biochemistry and interesting technological problems it offers.

When I’m not coding or reading about proteins and DNA, I teach and train swimming&triathlon (check out Swim Kamishi) and provide technology consulting services(let me know if you want to hire me).

I also really enjoy spending time outside, exploring nature.

On this website you can:

> find out what I do

read what I have to say about biology, data science and life in general.

reach out to me and say something important