Here are things I have done in the past few years or doing now and proud of, structured by the field of my interest.

Computational biology

2015 notebook for computational biologists

2013 Evolution of disordered proteins

2012-2013 Promoter architecture and expression breadth study with FANTOM5

Data science and visualisation

2015 Improved bar chart visualizations for Mentimeter

2015 Helped develop EdQu  at the very early stages

2015 Contributed to Python API


2014 – 2016 I am a Co-founder of Kamishi AB, boutique consultancy firm that provides startups and individuals with financial and legal support of starting a company or investing in companies and properties. I act as a technology consultant in investment and due diligence projects.

2014 – 2016 I am the tech side and the occasional author of the Life As An Investment project. Online magazine about entrepreneurship and investing.


2015 – now Stockholm International Swimming Club  We teach swimming to adults in individual sessions and train for major swimming events together.

2013-2014 Teaching swimming to adult beginners at SSIF.

Social involvement

2015 Volunteering for 3 months in South Africa with CTEET

2014 Organising the first PyCon Sweden

2014 Software Carpentry at SciLifeLab

2013-2014 I have been leading PyLadies Stockholm